Team Training

Do what you love and love what you
do – join Team2Go training!

Focused on helping every member get healthier and reach your goals by presenting you with new challenges each class!  We want to help you improve while enjoying every moment of it. Each class caters to all fitness levels; so don’t be shy to try!

As with all of our services, no equipment or gym space is needed. Classes available upon request or feel free to join us at set locations each week. Classes can also be offered at our indoor gym facility. We come to you, or you can come to us. Ready to take Group Fitness to the next level? Sign up and show up and enjoy exhilarating workouts that suit all of your fitness needs.”

Live Bootcamps: Fun, Fierce, and Functional

Burn fat and build muscle feature a full-body workout focusing on strength, cardio, and core. Expect an intense physical challenge that will elevate overall fitness. Each class is unique so you’ll never be bored. We promise to keep you on your toes and get you into shape!

Firm & Burn: Sweat and Sculpt

Improve muscular endurance and maximize fat loss . This calorie scorching, muscle tightening, and body toning workout focuses on slimming the entire body while building muscle. Burn up to 1,000 calories in one class and increase your metabolism. You will leave this class soaked with sweat and your body will still burn calories after we’ve finished!

Abs by Abe: Every angle, every aspect

Strengthen, tone, and trim your core while  challenging  the most important part of our bodies. We’ll help you whittle your middle by combining bursts of cardio with core strengthening sets. 

Beautiful Bottoms: Build and Burn

Great glutes, beautiful butt – that’s the goal of this lower-body focused class. Strictly butt building and toning workout that will leave you with the dream booty you’ve been wanting.