Personal Training

Focused on longevity - Our goal is not just to train you,
but to improve your overall quality of life. We are founded on a few key
principles: motivation, education, and dedication.

We promise to motivate you, educate you, and be dedicated to your health as long as you are committed, consistent, and willing to learn! FITNESS2GO is all about teamwork, and that starts with you! Our certified fitness professionals will develop a personalized training program specific to your lifestyle, body, goals, and budget.  No equipment or gym space needed. We will make the most of whatever you have on hand and bring the rest to you. If you’re looking to workout at a private gym, we offer that as well!

One-on-one: Your goals, your time, your preferences, your premises

Our trainers will work with you at any location and at any time that is convenient for you! We understand that our client’s time is precious and will cater our training to any specific goals or personal preferences so that client’s can make the most of every session.

Partner: Share the experience of getting fit with a friend, spouse, teammate or colleague

Help motivate each other to reach your goals! All workouts are specialized just for your body and specific goals. Enjoy working out with a buddy while still meeting your individual goals.

Small Group (3+ people): Giving you the benefits of personal training, plus the camaraderie of working out with a crew!

For those who would like to train with a small group of three or more, this service is for you! With small group training, you can enjoy all the benefits of personal training with the added incentive of some friendly competition.