Youth Fitness

Our goal is to educate children and teens to make health and fitness and lifelong habit. FITNESS2GO provides young people with the tools to embrace a physically active lifestyle so that as they age, they can continue to live a healthy and fitness-focused life. We make fitness fun.

Educating young people on health and wellness is more important than ever – research shows that youth fitness has steadily declined over the last decade. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. With more than 12 million youth struggling with obesity and less than 50% of children getting 60 minutes of exercise per day, younger generations are facing a severe and ever-expanding crisis as they move away from physical activity and towards technology.

With schools spending less and less money on physical education programs and reducing recess time, it is up to parents to ensure that being active becomes part of your child’s everyday life. FITNESS2GO will do our best to help you invest in your child’s present health and future well-being!

FIT Parties (Birthday Parties): Fitness made fun

With Fit Parties, we make fitness fun for your kids! We’ll keep your kiddos active for as long as you want with fun activities and team competitions that get the little ones moving. We do the work, you get them back when they’re nice and worn out!